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UPDATE COVID-19 28/10: The Stadium clubs have to temporarily close their doors because of the new Covid-19 regulations.

About us

Stadium, unique in every way

Stadium is more than just a gym or fitness club. At 3 unique locations in Brussels and Ghent you can work on your physical condition and body, and on your personality and mind.


Group classes

To get your body and mind in prime condition, we at Stadium offer a wide and diverse range of group classes.

  • Cardio for your condition,
  • Strength training and toning for more power,
  • Mind and body for relaxed and stressless muscles,
  • And much, much more…

At Stadium you’ll find your perfect workout. Discover each of our gyms’ arrangements!


Personal Assistance

At Stadium we fine-tune your training to suit your specific needs. We use Technogym machines and the coordinating TGS Smartkey, which adjusts the machines to your personal training programme.

We also have a team of expert instructors who can advise and guide you during your workout. These professionally certified instructors help you use the most efficient ways to reach your goals.


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