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Aquagym classes
Brussels - Stadium Kinetix

What is Aquagym?

Aquagym is a sports activity in the swimming pool where you work on your body, with a very low risk of injuries.

What are the advantages of Aquagym?

  • Say goodbye to 600 calories per session
  • Strengthen your muscles and lose weight
  • Stop stress
  • Avoid injuries
  • Everyone welcome

We also create a pleasant atmosphere with aerobics music. You do not need to be able to swim to take part in the aquagym sessions. The swimming pool is 140 to 160 cm deep, with a temperature between 27 and 28°C.

Aquagym classes

What equipment for Aquagym? 

Depending on the specific exercise and the intensity with which you want to train your muscles, a large range of accessories is available: bars, boards, weights, float and belt. Exercises aimed at back, arms and stomach usually require accessories.

To achieve the best results you should take this class several times a week. We highly recommend two or three 45-minute sessions.


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