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Balance classes
Brussels - Stadium Kinetix

Do you often suffer from sore muscles and muscle cramps in your legs after a hard day’s work? Do you never feel fully rested when you wake up in the morning? Stadium Kinetix in Brussels has the solution for your problems: Balance classes, these classes are for all who, regardless of their daily life, want to take care of their body by finding a good balance between mind and body.

Mind and body

Our Balance classes focus on the flexibility and leanness of the muscles, your heartbeat, breathing, blood pressure and controlling your body with your mind. This will make the blood circulate better in your muscles and you are actually stretching all the stress away.

Add to that the meditation part like Hatha Yoga class, and stress will have absolutely no more place in your life.


Balance classes group classes at Stadium Kinetix Brussels, that is:

  • A fit and healthy body
  • Fun guaranteed
  • For beginners and more advanced participants
  • Professional coaching


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