Childcare Kinekids

Working out without a care in the world, while your kids are having fun at the Kinekids childcare.

Kinekids childcare

  • Carefree exercising
  • Professional care for your children
  • Cheap childcare
  • 6 days a week


Professional coaching

While you take highly deserved time for yourself at Stadium Kinetix, the Kinekids team will take care of your children by reading, eating, drawing and playing with them. Fun and love guaranteed.


Activities: week schedule

Monday: Creation - Drawing
Tuesday:  Ludisciences - Scientific Workshop
Wednesday: Creative Workshops
Thursday: Scrapbooking
Saturday and Sunday: Creative Workshops


Opening times during school holidays

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: from 15 to 18h
Wednesday: from 13 to 18h
Friday: Closed
Saturday & Sunday and Holidays: 10 to 18h


Kinekids childcare rates

  • €3.00 for the first hour
  • €1.00 for every extra hour (max. 3 hours)



Exchanging information is important to us to simplify and coordinate the care between home and the childcare.

For more information: 02/242 12 18 or send an e-mail.


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