Discovery Class
Brussels - Stadium Kinetix

What's a Discovery Class at Stadium Kinetix???

Constantly, there are new classes and concepts in fitness. Many of these classes are worth looking into! Maybe you have a vague idea about the principles, benefits and feeling of these classes or none at all. This is why we have brought in "discovery" classes. These will give us the opportunity to let you find out about and try out trendy, fun, original classes which are worth a go.


- if the class is a major success it will perhaps be integrated in the schedule

- the opportunity to try out classes that we don't have in the schedule but which you may have heard talked about without actually knowing what they are.

- discover new instructors always fun, dynamic and professional too.

Discovery Class

We are delighted to be able to offer you the chance to try out these classes hoping you will find them unique sporting experiences. Above all don't hesitate to share your impressions with us...

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