In as well the women's as in the men's locker rooms clients are able to enjoy a relaxing sauna with afterwards a cold shower (women's locker rooms), and a bucket shower (men's locker rooms). 
Clients can then have a little rest to relax since each locker room also has a relaxation area.
The carefully thought-out ambient light together with the beautiful design furniture makes the relaxation area complete. Here you will regenerate!

Stadium Kinetix (Brussels) asks their clients to always take your towel inside the saunas to put on the wooden benches for hygienic reasons.

Lounge area

Here, in a beautiful design interior with much open space, you can enjoy a refreshing sports drink or some water. Small sports equipment (ex. badminton shuttle) is available here as well.


The guarded parking is quite useful for those who come by car. The entrance to the parking is located near the roundabout at the "Avenue Britsiers", and the large parking lot has space for 250 cars. Bikes can be stored dry and secure in a parking lot especially for bikes.

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