Brussels - Stadium Kinetix

A fitness room of 8.000 square meters divided on three floors, offering the widest range of equipment in Belgium, the latest technology and close monitoring, joined in a framework of luxury and serenity. It also prides itself on having a top selection of personal trainers to supervise and create training programmes for clients who prefer to do their workout alone or have specific goals which they want to achieve during a certain period.


Gym at Stadium, that is:

  • A powerful body
  • Social contact
  • Personal assistance

But also:

  • A prime physical condition and more energy
  • A moment to yourself
  • All levels available



On the wellness floor you will find numerous devices to improve the general condition in a wide variety of activities. Each cardio training device is equipped with an individual full entertainment unit (TV and radio).You can watch your favourite TV show or sports match without missing your workout.


The performance floor offers virtually unlimited opportunities for muscle toning, strength training and / or specific sports preparation, using both the latest technology and traditional material.

Women's Corner

The Women's Corner as it's name tells us, is reserved for women only. Here, women can do their training exactly like on the other floors, and afterwards relax in the lounge before returning home.

MyStadiumPro app

With the MyStadiumPro app as your sparring partner, fitness sessions at Stadium Kinetix reach a whole new level. Our app offers full access to all of your fitness data, training programs and a whole lot more. Connect your account to any of the popular fitness and diet apps and you’ll see: living both a healthy and active life has never been easier. Create your MyStadiumPro account and you’re all set for a new, healthy life!


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