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UPDATE COVID-19 28/10: The Stadium clubs have to temporarily close their doors because of the new Covid-19 regulations.

Fitness Initiation
Brussels - Stadium Kinetix

One on One Fitness initiation

Quite motivated to start sporting, but you don’t have any idea how to? Have you already tried fitness machines but afterwards had trouble with muscle- and joint aches? Stadium Kinetix (Brussels) has the solution to your problems. 


Stadium Kinetix (Brussels) provides the possibility to personalise your workout. Whether it’s your goal to get fit, build up your endurance or to create more body mass, the professional coaches at Stadium Kinetix (Brussels) will provide you with a personalized training program.

During your Initiation course, the training coaches will:

  • Help you get started with the technogym devices.
  • Ensure that you get acquainted with the TGS-key* and it’s ease.
  • Set up your first personal training program.
  • Make sure that you use the devices in a correct way to prevent muscle or joint damage.

Each time a client does an exercise, the results of the exercise are saved to the TGS-key. In this way, the coaches can follow up your sport results and can change your program to fit your needs during the next meeting you have with them. 
The TGS-key also provides the possibility for the client to follow up his own sports results every single time he inserts his key into the TGS-controlpanel at the entrance of the gym.

* Personal key with memorychip, can be bought at the reception.

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