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Fun & Move classes
Brussels - Stadium Kinetix

The Fun & Move classes  at Stadium Kinetix are for all who is aware of the fact that movement has a positive effect on your health, and on your quality of life. Sporters who aspire Fun & Move are always on the search for interaction with other sporters, and other sport activities.

Fun & Move classes​ at Stadium Kinetix in Brussels:

  • Losing weight in a fun way
  • At all levels
  • Coordination, power and flexibility in one class
  • Professional coaching


Aerobics in 3 simple steps

  1. Warm-up to avoid injuries
  2. The aerobics exercises
  3. Stretching and a cool-down period

This will allow your body to warm up, then exercise and relax afterwards, which will avoid irritating muscle or joint pains.


Dance classes in Brussels

Stadium Kinetix offers several dance classes. Salsa, Mega Danz, Zumba,… a fun dance class for everyone!

Dancing does not only make you burn lots of calories. It also strengthens your muscles and improves your coordination and endurance. All your muscle groups are activated and your memory is incited to work when memorising the dance moves.

Stadium Kinetix also offers the extremely popular Zumba® dance. No experience? No problem! At Stadium Kinetix everyone can dance Zumba®, no matter if you have almost none or lots of experience.


Professional coaching

All our instructors are qualified and are with you throughout the class for explanation and expert advice.


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