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Kinesis™: Guide your movements


What is Kinesis™?

Kinesis™ is based on one central thought: we have to go back to the roots of movement. ‘The Original Movement’, as it is called at Technogym.

Kinesis™ does not really focus on muscles, but rather on functional movements. This is how Kinesis™ opens up a totally new world of training. Just like in some oriental sports everything is about flowing movements, concentration, position, breathing and balance in body and mind. 


Moving at all levels

Kinesis™ is very intuitive and many variations are possible, from simple exercises to routines for more advanced participants. During the exercises every possible movement of the human body can be performed under any resistance and without any restrictions of the freedom of movement.

Pushing, pulling, lifting, moving, throwing, catching, supporting, running, jumping... Each of these movements occurs plentifully in daily life and Kinesis™ smartly converts it in an effective and functional training. The original, physiological movement of humans is central and that is what makes Kinesis™ unique in the world of training.

Customised Kinesis™
One of our coaches will make an appointment with you to explain the training principles and he will teach some practical exercises. It will help you find the right position to achieve a correct performance of the movement.

Interested? Make an appointment, no strings attached.



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