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What's Ladies Self Defence?

Ladies Self defence, the name says it all is a class specially designed for women. Self defence is within the reach of all women, regardless of size, weight, age,... Want to learn the prerequisites to increase your chances of escaping in an aggressive situation? Then Ladies Self Defense at Stadium Kinetix is THE class for you. Ladies Self Defence will teach you to adopt a series of reflexes that can help you avoid the worst.

The techniques taught are of an efficiency and simplicity within reach of everyone! You'll learn to repel the aggressor, learning to shout to call for help, to become aware of your own strength.
All this through exercises that teach you how to free yourself and to use your body in an efficient way.

The idea is not to make you into women-ninjas, but to give you the most direct means to protect your integrity when the time comes.

The general benefits of this class are: managing your stress, knowing your strengths, compensating for your weaknesses, increasing your self-confidence while working on your endurance.

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