Maxi Fitcircuit 90'
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Circuit training is a full body workout that contains both fitness(cardio) and strength exercises.

This training system combines the benefits of fitness (to work on your own pace on endurance and strength) with those of a collective class (at fixed times, group atmosphere, training under professional supervision).

The hall, equipped with all the appropriate apparatus, in combination with the professional guidance allows everyone, regardless of age or experience, to work out in a fun and efficient way.

Long-term benefits:

  1. The lessons increase cardiovascular endurance, and the overall strength and flexibility of the muscles.
  2. The lessons reduce body fat.
  3. The participant(s) discover a new level of mental and physical health.

Maxi Fitcircuit

The "Maxi fitcircuit" class takes 1h30 and is divided into 3 main parts:

  • 20-30 minutes of cardio workout on the rower, step, treadmill or bicycle. This launches the beginning of an intense cardiovascular, and respiratory endurance training. During the exercises the pace gradually increases so the muscles are given time to warm up in a healthy way.
  •  60 minutes are then spent doing fitcircuit, these are 10 powertraining devices that ensure a varied exercise.
    The pace of the lesson allows to burn many calories and fat.
  • 5 minutes of intense stretching which guarantees results from the first session. During this phase, each muscle group that was pressurised during the exercises is thoroughly stretched. In this way, the muscles are strengthened without increasing the volume and without them losing their flexibility. Much attention is paid to the protection of the back by choosing appropriate exercises so the back isn't burdened too much. The many tips from a qualified instructor will help you perfectionize your figure in an efficient, sustainable and safe way.

To achieve the best result, this class should be attained several times a week. Please consult our class schedule.

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