Outdoor Group Classes
Brussels - Stadium Kinetix

New this summer!

Willing to train outdoor under a large tent, on a comfortable grass ground, within an individual area for everyone to keep social distancing ?

Many outdoor group classes have been added in addition to our indoor schedule. 

What do we offer:

Various outdoor group classes with our coaches to train within a cozy and safe place (individual training area's, cleaning of the equipment by our care, handgel, huge place to keep social distancing en many more....).

The atmosphere is in full swing into our audio headsets SILENT DISCO. You hear the music and the teacher's instructions without disturbing the neighborhood. 


Meeting under the Stadium Outdoor Tent for one hour of exercises. 

Keep in mind:

Bring your own water/sports drink and towel

Completely sanitized equipment (mats, weights, bands,…) will be provided

Parking space is available for Stadium 1 - Stadium “Elle” en Stadium Kinetix 

Reservation of a class :

1. Go to our tab “schedule and reservation” of our website:

2. Pick "log in"

3. If you do not have a password yet, choose " Forgot password" and enter your membership number or your email address. An email is the instantly sent to your mailbox, you have 10min to fill in your password.

4. Once you have a password, enter your membership number or your email address and your password to login and book your session.


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