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Sport classes
Brussels - Stadium Kinetix

The Sport Classes at Stadium Kinetix are for those who sport with a very clear goal. Wether for a professional sporting competition, or to ameliorate their own personal condition,... The goal of our Sport classes is to improve your performances in-as well as outdoor.


Benefits of our Sport classes

  • Fat burning
  • Condition training
  • Personal coaching


How do our Sport classes work?

The oxygen content in your blood increases when you move constantly at a moderate intensity. It also causes your body to produce the enzyme LPL; which breaks down fats into fatty acids and these are eventually broken down to produce energy.

We can help our body to increase its fat degrading capacity. We do so by increasing the frequency of our cardio training.


Disadvantages of Sport classes

An increased frequency of cardio training may be good for your fat-degrading capacity, you have to make sure not to train too much. This may lead to muscle breakdown, which reduces your muscle mass and makes you lose power.

To release energy your body sometimes breaks down proteins in the muscles. This may be caused by a bad dietary pattern. A golden tip: ingest enough proteins before your cardio training.


Food and cardio

Your body will first burn sugars before it tackles your body fat. That is why you should avoid sugars before and during cardio training.

Sports drinks (Aquarius, AA-Drink, Dextro,...) and food with an extremely high carbohydrate content are a no-go. Water is the ideal sports drink.


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