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UPDATE COVID-19 28/10: The Stadium clubs have to temporarily close their doors because of the new Covid-19 regulations.

Swimming Lessons
Brussels - Stadium Kinetix

The purpose of these private lessons is to teach you to swim in a cosy atmosphere or if you are an advanced swimmer it can help you shape your style of swimming. For this we have an organized and professional team!Consult our price list at the front desk.

We propose three different classes that each takes around 50 minutes:

  • Level 1: You cannot swim. We'll teach you the basics of swimming. For this you'll participate in movement coordination exercises and breathing exercises. To finally be able to combine and coordinate movements and breathing, which will allow you to swim as it is intended.
  • Level 2: Improve your swimming technique. This lesson begins with a warm-up. Then, the three swimming strokes are refined (breaststroke, crawl and backstroke) and you learn the butterfly technique.
  • Level 3: You have a good level of swimming. The goal is to complete your swimming technique. Muscle strengthening, breathing, endurance, perfection: the lesson begins with a warm up, followed by a couple of exercises based on muscle toning and is finished with separate arm and leg exercises as well as the 4 strokes and turning techniques.

Swimming classes

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