Brussels - Stadium 1


Brussels - Stadium 1

Sippelberglaan 1
1080 St Jans Molenbeek
Monday - Friday 9:00-23:00 Saturday - Sunday 9:00-19:00

Stadium 1 is more than just a gym and fitness club in Brussels. You exercise under professional guidance, with tailored advice.


Fitness training at Stadium 1 in Brussels, that is:

  • 7/7 sports under personal, professional guidance
  • Techno-gym equipment with smartkey technology
  • Lots of different group classes
  • Sauna, swimming pool,…
  • One of the largest cycling rooms in Belgium
  • Make reservations and become a member online


Several group classes

Besides squash and climbing, Stadium is also the place to be for group classes like cycling, ubound, all kinds of dance classes, aerobics, Pilates, Yoga, CrossTraining, Zumba®, LesMills,  Box aerobic and much, much more.

Relaxation is just as important as the exercise itself. Therefore you can sit at the bar in the thermal baths area and relax.

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