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Aqua Boxing Classes
Brussels - Stadium 1

The Aqua Boxing classes provide an excellent endurance workout specifically designed to strengthen the cardiovascular system

without placing pressure on the spine and joints. This due to the fact that the water caries most of the weight  of the body (depending on the depth of the basin).

Aqua Boxing is given to stirring music and the sessions are specifically designed to refine the silhouette without straining your muscles and joints.

Long-term benefits:

1. The lessons increase cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibility of the muscles.
2. The lessons reduce body fat.
3. The participant (s) acquire a new form of mental and physical health.

Aqua Boxing

The classes are divided into three parts:

■ 10 minute warming-up period. This initiates an intense cardiovascular, and respiratory endurance training. During the exercises the pace is gradually increased so that the muscles are given time to warm up in a healthy way.
■ 30 minutes are taken up by learning the different basic movements. The exercises have been specially selected to develop and tonify the thighs, buttocks and abdomen and upper limbs without increasing the volume. The pace of the session allows our clients to burn a large number of calories, and assures a certain amount of fat loss.
■ 5 minutes of intense stretching with guaranteed results from the first session. During this phase, each muscle group that was drawn together during the exercises is thoroughly stretched so that the muscles are strengthened without increasing their volume and without losing their flexibility. Much attention is paid to the protection of the back by choosing appropriate exercises that support the back muscles and joints. The many tips from a qualified instructor will help you tonify your body in an efficient, sustainable and safe manner.

Doctors recommend water gymnastics in different cases: circulatory problems, back pain, arthritis, obesity, rehabilitation, etc..

For the best effect, the aquagym classes should be attained several times a week.

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