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UPDATE COVID-19 28/10: The Stadium clubs have to temporarily close their doors because of the new Covid-19 regulations.

Aqua classes
Brussels - Stadium 1

Joining our Aquagym classes means getting a balanced workout in that challenges your body and minimizes the risk of injuries. During these Aquagym classes at Stadium1 you'll get a fun training with an awesome group, fun music and different exercises that'll bring you back in shape in no time.


The advantages of Aquagym

  • burn up to 600 calories each session
  • lose weight and strengthen your muscles
  • reduce your stress levels
  • prevent injuries
  • balanced workout, suitable for everyone

You do not have to be able to swim to participate in our Aquagym classes.
The swimming pool is 140 to 160 cm deep, with a temperature between 27 and 28°C. Note: tight swimwear and a swimming cap are obligatory.

No more than twenty participants are allowed in each aqua class: remember to book your place in advance! 

Regular sessions are crucial to obtain optimal results. We highly recommend two or three 45-minute sessions per week. You can consult our class schedule here.


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