Aqua Tonic
Brussels - Stadium 1

Aqua Tonic: experiment with a more energetic aquafitness class!

Aqua Tonic is practiced in group, in a pool. This activity lets you train your entire body and cardio-vascular system in an energetic/dynamic way. All the typical aqua"fitness" exercises, and all different variations will be used. Use all your muscles to move to the rhythm of the music using pool noodles, dumbbells or your own bodyweight!

Aqua Tonic is accessible to all. You can do all the exercises without any strain on your joints.

The many advantages of Aqua Tonic:

• Burning calories: Aqua Tonic is a complete sport that allows you to spend a lot of energy.

• Enhancement of the Silhouette: the exercises are always designed to focus on certain areas of the body as to boost and sculpt these.

• Toning of the muscles: when correctly done, the repetitive nature of the exercises will help strengthen your muscles.

• Eliminating cellulitis: the massaging effect of the water helps lessen cellulite and improves the silhouette.

• Stimulating blood flow: performing exercises in water has a positive effect on your overall cardio-vascular health.

• Working on endurance: depending on your own level, an Aqua Tonic session can be more or less intense which enhances endurance.

• Destressing: the good mood and the energy of the teacher will catch on and ensure a fun and dynamic class.

Join our Aqua Tonic classes to relax and feel good in your own body! 

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