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Brussels - Stadium 1


Badminton court in Brussels?

Stadium1 in Brussels offers 3 professional badminton courts. Book in advance to always make sure that you have a court.

Note: Use your indoor sports shoes for indoor sports only, shoes with black soles or dirty shoes are not permitted on the badminton courts!


What are the rules of badminton?

Badminton is a racket sport where 2 players (single) or 4 players (double) face each other on a court, separated by a net.

The players score points by hitting a shuttle over the net with the intention of making it fall on the opponent’s side of the court. The point is scored when the shuttle touches the ground.

The shuttlecock (or shuttle)

A shuttle is a projectile with aerodynamic properties which has a very different flight path from a ball (which is used in most racket sports).  

A shuttle has an average weight of 5 grams. The feathers of the shuttle generate a high resistance which causes rapid decelerations. Badminton is always played indoor to avoid influences from the wind and other weather conditions.


How to book a badminton court?

Book your badminton court in advance to make sure you can play.

Book your court 


Wildcard: included in membership
     racket: € 2,00 / session (to rent)
     shuttle: € 6,50 for 3 

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