CrossTraining Fight
Brussels - Stadium 1

CrossTraining Fight

CrossTraining Fight is a training with high interval intensity with mix of different exercises between, standing and floor punches, and kettle bell, dumbbell, medball, fight ropes punching bags and pao movements.

All the programs are short time from 1 up to 2 minutes.  During the CrossTraining Fightwe execute movements with 2 variation a metabolic machinery: glycolytic (80% intensity) and phosphagen (100% intensity).

The purpose is not to know how to hit but to use our body in every possible way by using a maximum explosive training (necessity in the combat sports).

CrossTraining Fight not only increases the metabolism, but also improves significantly the endurance and these training burns calories.

This class is accessible to everyone and demands no specific physical condition because it is you who determine your objective but you need to have a big quantity of energy.

Crosstraining Fight

Advantages of CrossTraining Fight.

  • The evolution of different athletic qualities : power, endurance, suppleness, reaction and velocity.
  • The evolution of resistance and cardiovascular endurance.
  • The improvement of your fitness : to adjust your weight, to stimulate and for your muscular reinforcement without increase of volume.
  • To delight with some anti-stress exercises.
  • The evolution of your self-confidence.
  • The evolution of your suppleness and the coordination of movements.

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