Brussel - Stadium 1

Interesting, professional and trendy. But we almost forget the most important feature of sports:fun! 
Because whether you're training to lose weight, improve your body fitness or prepare for a professional sporting experience: first and foremost fitness must be fun! Stadium1 (Brussels) makes fun it's number one priority and through personal assistance we try to ensure it.


Nice setting

A thousand square meters spread over two floors of fitness fun. Both floors are equipped with the latest and most modern Technogym fitness equipment and air conditioning, ensuring  a flow of fresh air full of oxygen.


A wide range of appliances

The ground floor offers a full line of powertraining equipment. These are designed to train all the major muscle groups with the right posture. In this way you can be sure not to hurt yourself whilst training.


Fully personalized training

Our devices make use of a so called TGS-smartkey* ('wellness system'). This ultra-modern gadget is a great sporter's aid. The personal key in combination with our professional fitness instructors provide you with a customized exercise program. 
After each training, the data is stored in the Technogym computer. Which analyses the data and will allow one of the instructors to plan your next workout.


Training Responsibly

The Technogym cardio equipment includes a Constant Pulse Rate function so that the computer can adjust the intensity towards the desired heart rate. In this way, your workout suits you perfectly.


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