Kick Boxing
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What is Kickboxing?

The goal of Stadium1 is, first of all, to take some pleasure in the practice ... Indeed the  Kick &Thai Boxing 1+2 class is a demanding discipline but  Stadium1 approach is not competitive but it’s very educational. However, those who wish to get ready for the competition and to reach it are also welcome in Stadium1 and will be brought to give the best of themselves during sessions which will be completely dedicated to them.

What are the positive effects of boxing?

  1. The development of all athletic qualities: powerstrengthflexibility and speed.
  2. The development of resilience, and cardiovascular endurance.
  3. The improvement of physical muscle strength without the deliberate increase of volume.
  4. The development of  agility and coordination.
  5. De-stressing by means of an intense activity.
  6. The development of self-confidence.


How long is a boxing course?

The progress of the class follows a studied plan which decomposes into 3 parts:

  • 60 minutes of warm-up of Cross Training. Started with cardio-respiratory functions exercises. The exercises are increasing gradually to let the muscles get warmed up.
  • 45 minutes of basic of Kick and Thai Boxing  movements and movements are repeated with a punch bag or an opponent. The series of exercises are specially selected to refine and firm up thighs, buttocks and abdominal muscles without setting of volume. The steady rhythm of the session allows losing quickly a significant number of calories and greasy mass.
  • 15 minutes of dynamic stretchings.




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