Ladies Kick Fit
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The Ladies kick fit course is based on the movements of kickboxing. The basic movements are repeated on 
active-energetic music and the only opponent in this course is one's own mirror image. The sessions are specifically designed to refine the silhouette.

Positive effects in the long run:

  1. The development of all athletic qualities: powerstrengthflexibility and speed.
  2. The development of resilience, and cardiovascular endurance.
  3. The improvement of physical muscle strength without the deliberate increase of volume.
  4. The development of  agility and coordination.
  5. De-stressing by means of an intense activity.
  6. The development of self-confidence.

Ladies Kick Fit

This course consists of three main parts:

  • 20 minutes of Cross Training that launches the beginning of an intense cardiovascular-, and endurance training. During the exercises the pace gradually increases so that the muscles are given time  to warm up in a healthy way.
  • 35 minutes of basic kickbox combat movements
  • 5 minutes of intense stretching which guarantees results from the first session. During this phase, each muscle group that was pressurised during the exercises is thoroughly stretched. In this way, the muscles are strengthened without increasing the volume and without them losing their flexibility. Much attention is paid to the protection of the back by choosing appropriate exercises so the back isn't burdened too much.

The many tips from a qualified instructor will help you perfectionize your figure in an efficient, sustainable and safe way.

To guarantee the best result, this course should be attended multiple times a week.


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