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UPDATE COVID-19 28/10: The Stadium clubs have to temporarily close their doors because of the new Covid-19 regulations.

Live group classes
Brussels - Stadium 1

Besides personal assistance Stadium Kinetix (Brussels) also accommodates over 100 group classes per week. From intense Aquagym-classes  to the extremely popular Zumba and Yoga.

A wide variety of group classes can be attended at Stadium. Call on us for:

  • cardio classes
  • aerobics and dance
  • strength and toning
  • aqua classes (Stadium-1 & Stadium Kinetix
  • power training
  • mind and body classes
  • indoor climbing (Stadium-1 & Stadium Coupure)

These classes are available for all levels, divided in a wide range of specific workouts.

Shape classes: Searching for an energetic and fun way to lose, or control your weight, or to tonify your body? The Shape classes will actively change your silhouette.

Power classes:Your appearance is an important part of your daily success? Power and muscle-toning prime in these classes.

Balance classes:If you are searching for the perfect balance between body and mind, then join us in one of our Balance classes.

Fun & Move: You’re aware that being sportively active has a positive effect on your health and quality of life. Relaxing, fun and new classes are essential for your ideal training.

Sport classes: You are active in-as well as outdoor, but want just that little edge? These classes are made for you!

30 minute classes: you will discover yourself in just 30 minutes!These compact group lessons offer you full-fledged training in just 30 minutes!

Our professional instructors will carefully coach you. So you won’t have to worry about injuries and you can concentrate on your path towards a healthy body.


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