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Squash in Brussels

Any day of the week you can come to Stadium1 Brussels for an exciting match of squash

Squash in Brussels at Stadium1, that is:

  • Burning 600-1000 calories per hour.
  • Mental wind-down.
  • Cardiovascular workout.
  • Enjoying one of our 7 squash courts.


Your advantage at squash in Brussels

Customers described squash as strengthening their condition, good for the muscles and joints and mentally very relaxing. Therefore, squash is an excellent cardiovascular workout.

Burning 600-1000 calories per hour

When playing squash you burn an average of 600 and 1000 calories per hour! This is because both your legs and arms make very explosive movements at the same time to be able to reach the quick rubber ball.


7 squash courts

Stadium1 in Brussels offers you seven well-maintained squash courts with standard dimensions of 6.4 m by 9.75 m. (21 by 32 feet). With 3 brick and 1 glass wall (or fully enclosed- 4 brick walls) you can perfectly hit all your stress away. The glass wall allows other squash players or squash partners to observe the game and learn from each other.

For amateurs Stadium1 also has squash balls for sale and squash rackets for rent at a very cheap price, at the reception desk. Therefore you do not have to buy material for a sport you are not sure you will like.


Book a squash court

Book your squash court to be sure that you can play.

Book your court 


Wildcard: included in membership
     racket: € 2,00 / session (to rent)
     ball: € 4 

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