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What is Stretching?

Stretching is a sport discipline which consists of stretching the muscles and joints to a maximum. The exercises are done by stretching the muscles in static positions (as opposed to exercises consisting of movements). These static stretching positions have to be held for some time as to stretch the muscle to a maximum. This increases the flexibility in the muscles which then causes the muscle to be able to stretch a little further during the next exercise. 


The main goals of Stretchingpreventionperformance and mental strengthening

1. Prevention: Stretching prevents internal muscular and articular injuries. These injuries are usually due to a sudden intense effort, this can be a severe shock (collapse, stroke) but it can also be caused by a sudden exertion of muscle without the proper warm-up. This causes the muscle to be under a sudden, severe tension and stress hence the injury. Since stretching trains the muscles to undergo a certain amount of tension, it can prevent injuries.

2. Performance: The mechanical performance is enhanced by the fact that the muscles of the practitioner are more supple and elastic, in this way, it can help wall climbers to better reach the higher stones, or can a martial arts practitioner kick higher, can dancers better control their very lean movements, etc.

3: Mental Strengthening: The mental performance is enhanced by the fact that during the course the emphasis is laid on the body. This causes the athlete to automatically focus on his breathing and the movement of his body rather than the daily stress. 

For a maximum result this course should be attended several times a week.


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