Swimming pool
Bruxelles - Stadium 1


Jacuzzi and swimming pool in Brussels

Stadium1 Brussels has an excellent swimming pool, 15 m long and 1.5 m deep. The place to be for our aqua classes.

Or you can relax in our 2 large jacuzzis.

You can always follow private swimming courses, contact us for more information if you want to learn to swim or improve your swimming.


Stadium1 and hygiene

Swimsuits are not allowed for hygiene reasons (exceptions possible). Always take a towel and bathrobe or rent it at the reception.

On Wednesday (tight) swimming trunks are mandatory for men. Men can go to the spa (from 2 pm) until 5 pm. After that there is the Aqua-Ladies-Night, aqua classes especially for women.

Note: during these classes the swimming pool and jacuzzis are reserved for participants to the classes.


Stadium1 swimming pool and jacuzzi rates

Wildcard: not included

Bathrobe rental €4.00

Towel rental €2.00


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