Aqua Cardio Mix
Brussels - Stadium "ELLE"

The Aqua Cardio Mix lessons are an excellent exercise for endurance. This due to the fact that  in the water the body is fully supported but endures an increased resistance. This causes the muscles and to be under a constant pressure, but in a responsible way since there is little or no direct pressure on the spine and joints. The Aqua Cardio Mix lessons are given to energetic and stimulating music and the sessions are specifically designed to strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Long-term benefits:

1. The lessons increase cardiovascular endurance, and the overall strength and flexibility of the muscles.
2. The lessons reduce body fat.
3. The participant(s) discover a new level of mental and physical health.

Aquagym Cardio Mix

The class is divided in three main parts: 

■ 10 minutes of warming-up exercises that launch the beginning of an intense cardiovascular-, and endurance training. During the exercises the pace gradually increases so that the muscles are given time  to warm up in a healthy way.
■ 30 minutes of  varied and accelerating exercises. The exercises have been specially selected to focus on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and upper limbs which they strengthen without increasing the volume. The pace of the session allows many calories and fat to be burned at a high rate.
■ 5 minutes of intense stretching which guarantees results from the first session. During this phase, each muscle group that was pressurised during the exercises is thoroughly stretched. In this way, the muscles are strengthened without increasing the volume and without them losing their flexibility. Much attention is paid to the protection of the back by choosing appropriate exercises so the back isn't burdened too much.

The many tips from a qualified instructor will help you perfectionize your figure in an efficient, sustainable and safe way.

If you want to achieve the best result this course should be attended several times a week.

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