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Brussels - Stadium "ELLE"

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Wall climbing in Brussels

Want to try out a new and exciting way of training your whole body? Come visit our climbing wall! Climbing is becoming more and more popular for a reason. You don’t just need strength and endurance, but also technique and agility. This makes climbing a very well-rounded sport
At Stadium "Elle"  in Brussels, both beginners and advanced climbers can experience a fun and challenging climbing session together.

Wall climbing initiation

If you've never climbed before and would love to learn all the techniques to climb autonomous and safely, you're welcome to follow an initiation class.

Initiations are taught by certified teachers, and have to be booked through this website always. An initiation lasts 1.5 hour and costs 30 euros per climber. 
If the teacher thinks you posses enough skills and techniques after this initiation, you can stay afterwards to climb freely.


Safety first

To always guarantee the utmost level of safety, strict supervision is applied on the climbing wall. When climbers are found to lack in safety techniques and skills, they'll be briefed. When this doesn't suffice, they'll be referred to an initiation class or, in the worst of cases, be denied access to the climbing wall.    


Do you have any questions about wall climbing in Brussels at Stadium "Elle"? Send an e-mail to climbing club Brussels Monkeys Climbing or visit the website.

Opening hours

Our climbing wall is open every weekday between 5 pm and 10 pm and during weekends from 2 pm to 6 pm. Material can be rented onsite.

Wall climbing Brussels rates

  • Our Wildcard members: included in the membership
  • Per session: €9 (Students: €7.00)
  • 10 session card: €80.00 (Students: €60.00)
  • 3 month subscription: €85.00 (Students: €70.00)
  • Material (complete set): €6

Free try out

Do you want a free try out before you decide on becoming a member?

contact us 


Wildcard: Included in Membership

Pricing Brussels Monkeys Climbing:
Session price: 9 € (students: 7 €)
10 sessions: 80 € (students: 60 €)
3 month membership: 85 € (students: 65 €)
Equipment (complete set): 6 €
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