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What is CrossTraining?

Crosstraining is a class that redefines the concept of indoor sports.

This balanced out class, consisting of old school strength exercises, intense cardio and exercises with your own body weight, will improve your all-round fitness level in a very short time.

Who is CrossTraining for?

We welcome everyone to join our CrossTraining classes, regardless of your current fitness level or any experience you might have. CrossTraining isn't just meant for men looking to get big; it's also the perfect class for women who want to get stronger and more agile, who want to build up their cardiovascular endurance or simply want to get a confidence boost. So be sure to join us: the only thing you need is a little motivation and our experienced team will guide you to the most awesome results.

What are the advantages of CrossTraining?

  • developing your strength, endurance, flexibility, reaction speed and agility

  • developing excellent cardiovascular endurance

  • improving your all-round physique: balancing out your weight and building toned muscle mass

  • reducing stress

  • getting better body awareness

  • getting a better sense of control and coordination

Join our CrossTraining classes multiple times a week to get the maximum results. Please consult our schedule.

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