Brussels - Stadium "ELLE"

LatinDance is suitable for everyone. From those who know nothing about it to experts in Zumba classes and more experienced dancers who want to enjoy themselves by dancing in a class with strong latin influence. Fun and entertaining little dance choreographies based on Salsa, Bachata, Chacha or Kizomba steps. All this set to mood of the moment music and memorable tracks which always get you going and make you smile.

Develop your own style without the restrictions of a partner... Just you and the music

Above all great fun, this LatinMove class is open to everyone and you can join in at any time of the year



  • Feeling well and de-stressing by dancing, even with basic steps.
  • Being 'at one' with your body, having self-confidence and looking more attractive.
  • Achieving and developing your own style.
  • Isolation, dissociation and coordination

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