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Sport classes
Brussels - Stadium "ELLE"

The Sport Classes at Stadium ELLE are for those who sport with a very clear goal. Wether for a professional sporting competition, or to ameliorate their own personal condition,... The goal of our Sport classes is to improve your performances in-as well as outdoor.

Benefits of Sport classes - cardio training

The cardio classes at Stadium ELLE in Brussels, that is:

  • Fat burning
  • Condition training
  • Personal coaching
  • Slimming down in the largest gym of the Benelux


Cardio training: how does it work?

Constantly moving at a moderate intensity increases the oxygen content in your blood. This process ensures the production of LPL enzyme in the body. It breaks down fats into fatty acids. These fatty acids enter the bloodstream and are transported to the muscle tissue. In the muscle tissue the cells absorb fatty acids, where the acids are broken down to release energy.

If the frequency of the cardio training is increased, the amount of LPL produced by the body is also increased. This enhances the fat-burning capacity of the body.


Disadvantages of cardio training

Except for the injuries which you may get from any activity, there is only one factor to take into account in cardio training: excessive training can result in muscle degradation, loss of muscle mass and power.

The body sometimes breaks down proteins in the muscles to release energy, often caused by a bad diet. Make sure to get enough proteins in your body before the cardio session.


Food before, during and after cardio

Avoid sugars before and during cardio training. If you do ingest sugars, your body will burn these first instead of the fat. Avoid sports drinks (AA-drink, Aquarius, Dextro) and food with an extremely high carbohydrate content. Drinking water is always more than enough.


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