Yoga Stretch
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Yoga stretch

What is Yogastrech?

Yogastretch is a soft kind of gymnastics that combines yoga and stretching. The class is not developed to  delve into the philosophical aspect of yoga, but simply to enjoy all the benefits of the postures in order to stretch.

The course starts with so called 'sun salutations' (sequences of slow movements of yoga, coordinated with breathing) and afterwards the course continues with more traditional stretching.

Who is yogastretch for?

  1. For beginners: you want to start a sport, but you don't feel ready yet to make big muscle efforts or severe cardiovascular training? You can practice yogastretch to reconnect with your body.
  2. For sportsmen: you already practice a large amount of sports, and you feel your body stiffen and lose flexibility? By stretching properly, you will find your flexibility and you will become more efficient in your sports activities.
  3. For those amongst us who experience a lot of stress: stress causes muscle pain (neck, lower back, ...). Stretching and the calm pace of the courses will allow you to relax mentally and physically.

Do I have to be flexible to practice yogastretch?

Absolutely not. The yogastretch class will help you gain flexibility. All the movements can be performed in different ways depending on the flexibility of the practitioner.

What are the advantages of yogastretch?

  • It is open to all - It fights stress
  • It allows you to reconnect to the body
  • It helps to increase flexibility
  • It improves performance in other sports
  • It helps reduce pain due to poor posture.


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