30' 6Pack
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Do you wish for a six-pack? Well, we do have the right class to get one. Our 30' 6Pack will build & shape your abdominal muscles. Your abdominal muscles are the key to your body. They not only protect your vital organs, they also stabilize your lumbar spine. A nice six-pack is part of the current ideal of beauty.

Therefore it is important to train & maintain the training. Our 30' 6Pack just takes 30 minutes of your time!

Sixpack Academy

Long-term benefits:

  1. The lessons increase cardiovascular endurance, and the overall strength and flexibility of the muscles.
  2. The lessons reduce body fat.
  3. The participant(s) discover a new level of mental and physical health.

For a maximum result this course should be attended several times a week. Please consult our class schedule.


Wildcard: included in membership
Funcard: -10% on the session rate
Equipment: free of charge

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