NEW: in addition to the indoor group classes many outdoor group classes are held.

30' Bootybuilder
Ghent - Stadium Coupure

Are you looking for tight and firm buttocks? Booty Academy at Stadium Coupure will help you reach that goal!

The goal of the exercices in this class are a firm(er) skin and contour loss. A secondary effect is a better bloodflow and fat reduction. Booty Academy is a perfect all-round training for a good and functional booty-training. This class will teach you how to train your muscles in a fun, but more importantly in a right way.

Booty Academy

Advantages in the long run:

-Muscle strengthening and enhanced flexibility
-Maximal reduction of body fat
-mental and physical health

To attain the maximum result, our Booty Academy classes should be attained several times a week. Please consult our schedule.


Wildcard: included in membership
Funcard: -10% on the session rate
Equipment: free of charge

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