Boxing Class
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What is Boxin' Class?

Boxin' Class, like the name says is mostly built around boxing. Boxing is a sport that triggers your mind and body to strive for the best results. A total body- & mind workout is exactly what you can expect during our Boxin' Class!

This class is a recreational class in which you will train your coordination, technique, condition and your strength. Discipline & respect are crucial elements during the one-on-one sparring moments.



  1. The evolution of different athletic qualities : power, endurance, suppleness, reaction and velocity.
  2. The evolution of resistance and cardiovascular endurance.
  3. The improvement of your fitness : to adjust your weight, to stimulate and for your muscular reinforcement without increase of volume.
  4. To delight with some anti-stress exercises.
  5. The evolution of your self-confidence.
  6. The evolution of your suppleness and the coordination of movements.


So... Come on over & knock yourself out!


Please consult our schedule.


Wildcard: included in membership
Funcard: -10% on the session rate
Equipment: free of charge

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