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Hatha Yoga
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Hatha yoga is a yoga variant that consists mainly of non-moving postures. Meditation is a very important part of yoga, and during the meditation part of the course a healthy peace of mind is the main goal.

Hatha Yoga is a popular means to relax or reduce stress. In addition to the techniques taught, there is also a large benefit to the nervous system, the glands and other major organs thanks to the general relaxation of the body. The purpose of Hatha Yoga is therefore primarily to promote the health and over all well-being.

Hatha Yoga

Life lessons:

  • Enjoy the present moment, the here and now.
  • Let go of your stress, take a step back, defuse and put into perspective the frustrations of everyday life.

Consequences on the mental:

  • Release emotional tension and untie the knots in the body.
  • Relaxation of the nervous system reducing stress, anxieties, and depressions.
  • Psychosomatic problems gradually disappear.

Consequences on the physical:

  • Release pressure on the abdomen, respiratory system, muscles of the neck and back.
  • Increased flexibility of the joints and the spine is a vital point, which will have the effect of releasing the tension of the nervous system.
  • Strengthening the muscles: abs, lats, quads etc ....
  • Improved blood flow in certain parts of the body: for example, inverted postures (with effect on the neck, brain, skin ...)
  • Stimulation of endocrine glands, for example, inverted postures, stimulate the pancreas and adrenal glands.
  • Stimulation of all the organs and viscera toning.

One advantage is its exceptional accessibility for all. Whether you are a child, an elderly person, a seasoned sportsfanatic or a more sedentary person, you can still benefit from Yoga. It is very rare to not be able to practice it.

To achieve the best result, this class should be attained several times a week. Please consult our class schedule.


Wildcard: included in membership
Funcard: -10% on the session rate
Equipment: free of charge

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