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Personal Assistance
Ghent - Stadium Coupure

Fully personalised training with the TGS Smartkey

By using the TGS Smartkey our coaches can prepare a fully personalised training.

The Smartkey is a personal key with a specific exercise scheme. The equipment automatically adjusts to your scheme and your performance is recorded. After a profound analysis an experienced personal instructor configures a next training scheme. This training method significantly increases the efficiency of the workout and gives you a perfect overview of your progress.

Make an appointment with one of the instructors at your first visit. They will answer all your questions and get you started.

Personal fitness assistance

Responsible training with Technogym

Our cardio equipment is fitted with a 'Constant Pulse Rate’ function, which adjusts the intensity of the training computer-controlled to the required heart rate.


The best team, the best monitoring!

Monitor package I

Monitor package I consists of fifty minutes of initiation with a personal instructor who prepares a personal scheme for you.

Your instructor takes into account your personal targets, any injuries or other factors which affect your training. Your instructor can program your scheme on a TGS Smartkey and the equipment will automatically adjust to your scheme.

Monitor package II

Monitor package II consists of the follow-up of your programme.

With this package you can book five 25-minute sessions with a personal instructor. He will control the programme together with you to optimise your training. This is the best way for an optimal training.


  • TGS-key + Fitness Initiation (60 min.): €75 
  • Personal assistance: €30/30 min.


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