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Ghent - Stadium Coupure

Squash court in Ghent?

Are you looking for a new, challenging workout? Why don't you swap the gym for a squash court? After all, squash is the perfect all-round sport: it's a great cardio and muscle endurance training, whilst also being a relaxing and social outlet.

Why Squash at Stadium Coupure in Ghent?

  • burning 600 to 1000 calories per hour
  • 7 squash courts for rents, 7 days out of 7
  • an intense cardiovascular training
  • mentally relaxing
  • muscle building

Burn 600 to 1000 calories per hour

Even though squash is a social and mentally relaxing sport, it's very challenging nonetheless. You'll easily burn 600 to 1000 calories after an hour of intense squash, thanks to the explosive movements and constant running. In other words: perfect for those looking for a new cardio challenge or a fun way of burning off excess body fat. 


7 excellent squash courts for rent

Stadium Coupure in Ghent has 7 squash courts for rent, all meeting the standard sizes of 6,4m x 9,75m. All courts can also be viewed from above: ideal for closely following contests. 

If you have a Wildcard, renting a squash court is included in your membership. A Funcard will provide you with 10% off the normal prices.

Renting squash material

Don't own any squash material? Don't worry. At Stadium Coupure you can rent squash rackets and buy squash balls, both at a bargain price. This way you don't have to buy expensive material.

How to book a squash court?

Own a Wildcard or Funcard? Book your squash court in advance.

Book your court 


Wildcard: Included in membership
Prepaid card (funcard): -10% on session price
Racket: € 2,00 (rent fee per session)
Squash balls for sale: € 4.50

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