Tabata Workout
Ghent - Stadium Coupure

Tabata workout at Stadium Coupure is an intensive interval training. This Class will push you to your limits! The class starts with a quick warm-up to prevent injury after which the workout itself consists of a series of repetitive movements. Between the series are brief brakes to catch your breath and to prepare to launch yourself once again. After the interval training your body will get into an "afterburn" state. This means that you will continue to burn calories for hours after the class! The afterburn effect in combination with optimal oxygen take-in will result in a perfectly toned body and will help you to burn that bit of excess weight!

(Due to the nature of this class, it is not recommended that people who suffer from long-term injury to the knees, back, shoulders, ... participate in this class)

Tabata Workout



Wildcard: included in membership
Funcard: -10% on the session rate
Equipment: free of charge

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