Vinyasa Yoga
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What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa Yoga, however quite different, has a lot of similarities to other Yoga styles. In Vinyasa Yoga, we use dynamic positions in stead of static positions. This means that exercises are a sequence of different positions, without breaks in between.
The dynamic positions ensure a high tempo class.

Why Vinyasa Yoga?

In the "flow" of the movements, force, agility, balance, and focus are practiced. Vinyasa Yoga is a complete detox for your body!

Vinyasa Yoga is accessible to everyone that knows the basic asana's (positions). If you don't have any experience, but wish to participate in Yoga, you are most welcome to try our Hatha Yoga classes.

Yoga, not for everybody, but certainly for every body. Join us! Consult our Yoga schedule online.

Vinyasa Yoga


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