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UPDATE COVID-19 28/10: The Stadium clubs have to temporarily close their doors because of the new Covid-19 regulations.

What is Cross Training?

CrossTraining combines the benefits of cardio, weight lifting, athletics and more. This means you’ll work optimally on your condition. CrossTraining is available for all levels. Everyone, young or old, sporty or not can exercise CrossTraining and get results.


CrossTraining at Stadium fitness is

  • More power, endurance, flexibility and reaction speed
  • Lose weight, muscle tone without large muscle volume
  • Varied workouts
  • The best of various sports
  • Accessible, all levels

Motivation – that’s all you need for CrossTraining. Our experienced team will help you reach your goal. The secret to success is you. Above all don’t forget to just have fun

CrossTraining in 3 levels

Stadium offers CrossTraining on 3 different levels:


Level 1: CrossTraining initiation

During this 1-hour beginner lessons we teach you the basic movements and let you in on how to avoid injuries.


Level 2: Basic CrossTraining

During these basic lessons, we combine the movements you learned during the CrossTraining initiation lessons with increasing weights and all of this on a higher tempo.


Level 3: Advanced CrossTraining

During these strength-based lessons, we aim for a perfect technique so you’ll be able to use more weight during your workouts.


Free try out

Do you want a free try out before you decide on becoming a member? We offer courses in Ghent and Brussels

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